Government Job

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Vinyl // 7"

While much of the hardcore scene is based on the energy and anger of the youth, there's something to be said for a band made up of bitter old guys. Years of experience and a complete lack of youthful idealism leave you with some truly raw, powerful, aggressive, no frills hardcore punk rock. Caustic Christ on this release take a "less is more" approach by stripping away the frivolity of fashion and getting down to the brass tacks. Here are five tracks of pure hc punk animosity coming at you like the '79 Steelers "Wall of Steel." Look for them on tour as the live show is like a mallet to the head. Half the crowd will be stunned like they've been zapped with a tazer and the other half are jumping around like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Pittsburgh brings it...again.

Release Date: 
October 2004
Pressing Info: 


First press, October, 2004: 2400 black, 500 white/green mix, 100 white vinyl with rubber cover sold at chicago fest, 2004.  Second Press, September, 2007: 1000 black vinyl

Track Listing: 

Government Job/ Meet the Neighbors//Sadist Society/ Postcard from Hell/ Protest

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