Never Mind the Bootlegs

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Complete CD discography, contains all the track on the three 7"s, and when they sell out this will stay in print. Includes the 1983 7", demo tape and Swedish national radio session. Twenty tracks of raw and powerful 1980s' Swedish Hardcore Punk. The title is a rip on disreputable labels mishandling of the Moderat Likvidation catalog over the years. Rest assured this is the official re release from the original master tapes and the booklet has many never before seen photos.

Release Date: 
October 2006
Pressing Info: 

First pressing, 2000 copies.

Track Listing: 

Nitad/Branda Celler/ Tio Timmar/ Enola Gay/ Proggerebell/ White Rastas/ Hiroshima/ Marionett I Kedjor/Nitad/Sprängd/Dödens Barn/Tio Timar/Enola Gay/Atom Bomb/Köttahuve/SPD/KKK/SNE-83/Våld/Anti Fag

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