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Vinyl // 7"


Back in print, with the correct center label! (see the notes below about the mix up on the first press) Important notice: We screwed up the catalog numbers on the Moderat Likvidation 7"s-The tracks for NITAD wound up on Marionett I Kedjor and the Marionett I Kedjor tracks are on the Nitad ep. The songs and track order are correct, just that the center labels don't match the music. We think it would cause more confusion to switch the vinyl since the labels don't match, so if you order this EP you actually get the Marionett I Kedjor tracks. We assumed most people are ordering all three so if you like you can swap the vinyl yourself. Originally released by the band in 1983, this is a classic of early 80's Swedish Hardcore Punk. Like their contemporaries Anti Cimex and Shitlickers, Moderat Likvidation took the sound of bands like Discharge, Disorder and Chaos UK to the complete next level with a faster, more aggressive attack. Often imitated, this is the original in your face sound of 1980s Swedish raw punks!  These tracks are also on the Moderat Likvidation CD.

Pressing Info: 


First pressing, September 2006: 1500 black vinyl, 500 gold vinyl. Second pressing, April, 2012: 1000 black vinyl

Track Listing: 

Nitad/Sprängd/Dödens Barn/Tio Timar/Enola Gay/Atom Bomb