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Vinyl // 7"

Latest material from Finland's long running hardcore powerhouse. Riistetyt blaze through five tracks of pulverizing hardcore intensity. Four strong tracks of 80's Finnish thrash crossed with modern Scandinavian hc/crust and one track which is more of a droning, dark, tense number in the true Finnish style.

Release Date: 
Feb 2005
Pressing Info: 

First pressing, February 2005: 100 Yellow vinyl "X Ray Edition" for sale on US tour 2005, 500 White vinyl, 2400 black vinyl.

Track Listing: 


Side A:Kuollut Todistaja (Dead Witness)/ Ei Totuus Palaa Tulessa (Truth Cannot be Burned)/ Tuomion Tragedia (The Tragedies of Verdicts)Side B: Tuhoaminen Tuottaa (Yielding Destruction)/Kuoleman Tanssi (Dance to the Death)

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