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Vinyl // 7"

Originally recorded in 1984 this 7" was originally released by Kill City in 1991. The Havoc re issue of this ripper includes two bonus tracks from the same 1984 session not on the Kill City/Propaganda version. Scathing raw 1980's Finnish hardcore punk at it's best.

Release Date: 
Feb 2005
Pressing Info: 

First Pressing, Feb. 2005: 500 Gray vinyl, 50 blue vinyl "sawblade edition" for sale at Chicago Fest 05, 2400 Black Vinyl.

Track Listing: 


Side A:Haluun Kuolemaa/Joukkumurha/Yön PainajaineneSide B: Pyhää Sotaa/ Tuomiopäivä/ Avatkaa Silmänne

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