In Blood

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Vinyl // 12"

Crushing second LP from one of Sweden's top Hardcore bands. Follows up the split LP with From Ashes Rise with more unrelenting power. Victims sound is obviously compared to Skitsystem, Wolpbrigade and other d-beat ragers from Scandinavia. However, I feel that Victims have more of a solid old school hardcore/thrash back bone whilst the aforementioned bands derive a lot more of their influence from Crust and Death Metal. Victims deliver 18 pummeling tracks of rage and power that will not disappoint any fan of the genre. Excellent production by Miezko of Nasum at Soundlab Studios. 

Release Date: 
Aug 2004
Pressing Info: 


First pressing, August 2004: 300 on orange vinyl with screenprinted poster sleeve sold on summer 2004 US tour, 200 on orange vinyl sold through mail order, 1500 on black. Second Pressing, February 2005, 1000 black vinyl. Third Pressing, September 2007, 500 black vinyl.Fourth Pressing, Aug 2011: 300 black vinyl. First CD pressing, August 2004: 2000.

Track Listing: 

Scars/ Dagar Utan Ljus/ The Answer/ This is the End/ Right Back At You/ Swallow Poison/ My Eyes/ Now or Never/ Insane// No Regrets/ Circles/ Min Enda Resa/ Alive but Dead/ We Have Burnt our Bridges/ They Are the Ones/ Dead Inside/ Checking Out/ Victims in Blood Part 3

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