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Vinyl // 12"

Out of Print

Fourth LP from Sweden's Victims. Victims have been the front of Swedish hardcore for many years mixing traditional Swedish D Beat and Crust sounds with more straight forward American hardcore influences. This LP has all the tight and crushing arrangements you'd expect from this crew. A few more songs leaning towards the "d beat rocknroll" end of hardcore, but over all very much in the same punishing tradition of the last two LPs.

Pressing Info: 


First Pressing 2008: 1000 copies split between Havoc and CRI.Second Pressing, March 2009: 500 copies, black vinyl.Third Pressing, 2012, 500 copies, black vinyl. 

Track Listing: 

Victims in Blood #5, Fade Away, How Could I Lie?, No Reason, Try?, Killing, We're Fucked, Destroy and Rebuild// The burning Fire, Ett Svart Ar, For a Second, Holy Shit!, Breaking Out, Another Me, Bomben Har Fallit, Silence of the Night. 

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