Bad Trip

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Titanic Third LP from Amsterdam Holland's Vitamin X. This is their strongest material since the People That Bleed 7". Rampaging fast hardcore in the style of Lifes Halt, DS 13, Tear It up and No Justice. The blazing speed and power are broken here and there by charged up heavy riffs that show guitarist Marc's longstanding inspiration from 70's hard rock. While there are a lot of bands mixing 70's rock and hardcore right now Vitamin X does so in a fashion that doesnt tone down or slow down their high energy hardcore attack. The burly rock riffs merely add to the tension and power of the thrash onslaught to come. Vitamin X backed up these jams with an outstanding tour in the spring of 2004. If you were there, you know what I mean.

Release Date: 
March, 2004
Pressing Info: 


First Pressing, March 2004: 100 red with screen printed poster sleeve, sold at Thrash Fest 5, 500 yellow, 2400 black. First CD Pressing, March 2004: 2000. Second CD pressing, 2007: 1000

Track Listing: 

Bad Trip/ I cant get enough/ Sleeping Dogs/ Feel the Heat/ On A Rampage/ Beat My Head/ Shut Up/ Master/Monster/ Death is on its Way/ Left Out/ Stuck in a Rut// Free to Kill/ Random Violence/ Come and Get it/ Keep in Touch/ Fallout/ Heads You Win, Tails I Lose/ Waste of Time/ Burn Em Down/ Shot Down/ Fuck Shit Up

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