Down the Drain

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After two 7"s on Commitment, one 7" on Havoc and an LP on Underestimated Amsterdam's Vitamin X busted out with their fastest hardest material to date. Mixing the late 80's SE hardcore style with fast-core speed and power. More political SE lyrics, many dealing with the battle of the individual against conformist society. They also wrote a song about me getting arrested at the Chicago fest in 2002! If you liked the 7" I put out for these guys, you'll love this LP! Totally ripping thrash start to finish with enough hooks and rocking choruses to keep it from turning into a total whirlwind of chaos. These guys absolutely rage live and can turn even the smallest show into a devastating thrash zone. Vitamin X has toured the world over bringing nothing but high energy positive thrash. 

Release Date: 
March 2002
Pressing Info: 


First pressing: March 2002, Purple 125, Light Blue 125, Orange 300, Maroon 650, Chicago Fest/Thrash Fest edition 100 Clear Vinyl 40 with wood screen printed covers, 60 with cloth screen printed covers, 1066 Black. Second pressing, January 2004 : 1,000 black vinyl CD First press, 2002: 2000. CD Second press, 2007: 1000.

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