Rip It Out

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Vinyl // 7"

Vitamin X takes their tried and true thrash sound to the next level. Building on the direction they were headed with the Bad Trip LP this 7" mixes full on thrash with some wild 70's rock riffs and leads. Before you think this is another "how we rock" or "fire and ice" you better chill out and recognize, it's still fast and furious, just with some wild and unique guitar work from Marc that's influenced by 70's hard rock. Essential for die hard fans or people who have never heard Vitamin X before.

Pressing Info: 

found a few copies of this long out of print 7" on limited Red Vinyl.


First presssing: October 2005: 100 white, 400 red, 1500 black.
Second Pressing, July 2006: 1000 black vinyl

Track Listing: 

Rip It Out/ Total Switch Off/ Down/ Final Straw// Secret Police/ Dead End/ Rock Bottom/ (Again)