Latest Updates

Update July 30

Lots of new stuff in the webstore, Partisans singles LP, Avskum LP, Totalitar Restocks much more. I will be selling records at the Punk Flea Market at Palmers Aug 12th. Then the following weekend look out for the final Code 13 show at Skull Fest in Pittsburgh, I will be selling records at many of the gigs, plus there will be some limited Code 13 T shirts. 

Update June 11

Look for Code 13 in tour in Europe and at K town Fest. Check Reset Booking for tour dates. 

I've added some Code 13 limited shirts we made for the Minneapolis gig in the webstore. 

Since we can only ship shirts by first class/piroity mail, the webstore will default to priority. So you might actually order the records and shirts separate if you don't want to pay extra for priority. 


Update May 29

Update to the webstore today with a new Discharge early Live Lp. Varukers live in the studio, Blitz Singles Lp and finally back in print Jerry's Kids "Is this my world". We also got a few copies of Black Uniforms "Faces of Death" re press on color vinyl. 

Update 1/26/23

Update today with some great new stuff, the fantastic 7" from Denmark's Indre Krig, Lama double LP discography, the Crow 7" re issue and more. Explator LPs are in the mail and should be here any day now. 

Update Dec 22

Having trouble renewing the security certificate for this site, browse with confidence, just have to straighten out some miscommunication with our hosting service and some out of date information.