Latest Updates

Update Feb 28

Update to the webstore.

New 12" by Warwound "War Crimes"

restock of Varukers Demos LP and Discharge "Japan 09" 12"

Amebix "Beginning of the end" lp which compiles the Spiderleg material


Update Feb 2

A few new additions to the webstore today. 

Icons of Filth "Onward Christian Soldiers" re issue. I bought this LP new when it came out after hearing the band on Welcome to 1984.   Then and now I was deeply impressed by the raw power and intensity of this record. Although the lyrics and stance come from the Anarcho Punk scene, the music is blistering hardcore. This record is just about perfect for me. The crushing guitar tone, sincere political lyrics, much copied artwork and calligraphy (the original spiney lettering) really make it a monument in the genre. 

Update Nov 22

Update from Minneapolis Riot City today. For everyone who missed the limited metal cover Disfear LPs, I finally got the rest of the purple vinyl from Germany. There are 20 of these now available in the webstore. 

Also in the webstore is a limited vinyl version of the Discharge 2009 Japan Tour CD, and a stack of sealed dead stock copies of the 2018 Record Store Day Discharge Demos LP. 

Update October18

Disfear "Soul Scars" re issue, US Pressing is finally available for order. After a rejected mispress, copies burned down with our Post Office during the riots, and massive delays due to the virus this is up for order. 

There are 65 limited edition copies with a screen printed Aluminum cover. 

Stores and distros get in touch for wholesale 

We still have some Exploator Lps, second press Humant Blod 7", and Varukers "Noisy Bastards" and Demos Lps if you haven't ordered yet. 

Update Oct 5

Back in Minneapolis after a great summer backpacking trip. Thanks to Andy for holding it down while I was gone. Big update to the webstore with all the records that piled up while I was gone. 

Exploator second LP is finally here

Humant Blod 7" second press is in stock 

Varukers Live LP and restock of the Demos LP

Last Agony 7" on Phobia 

Life LP and After 7" from Desolate Records

Crude SS, Framtid, Exploator, Varukers and Doom CDs

Restock of the Warwound LP

Icons of Filth, Bitz and Menace re issues