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Update Feb 24

Here's part two of my set sale of zines, books and ephemera

Updated to reflect everything sold up to 3/1


Cleaning house, and here are a lot of books and ephemera up for sale.

Update Jan 23

Update to the webstore today with new 12"s by Physique and Ferocious X from Distort Reality.

There are a handful of Wolfbrigade "comalive" and Disfear "A brutal sight of war" left on red vinyl for mail order.


Update Jan 13

Just finished up inventory, look for lots of price reductions across the board, check the clearance section of the site, and our discogs page. I'm clearing out a lot of stock at real bargain prices.

There are still a handful of Wolfbrigade Comalive LPs left on Red Vinyl, we got another stack on red that were originally headed for Mexico, but the distributor in Mexico wound up getting copies direct from Germany, so it's not too late, only about 10 copies remain.

Update December 21

Out now two killer new releases, the LP from Finnish/Australian ragers Havittajat on Hardcore Victim. And the "10th anniverseary" re press of Wolfbrigade "Comalive" LP. I have 20 Wolfbrigade on Red Vinyl for mail order. I will post here when it's gone. And of course we have both of these for wholesale distribution. Also, check out the last two 7"s on Hardcore Victim, No Future and Execution.

Update December 8

Updated the webstore yesterday with some cool new imports, lots of UK82 like Violators and Action Pact.


Books and ephemera

Cleaning house, and here are a lot of books and ephemera up for sale. Another list with more zines and such will be coming in a few months.

Update November 19

Quick update to the webstore with two new 7"s from Hardcore Victim, plus the new LP by Blood Pressure and restocks of Tarantula's two eps on Deranged. I should have the new LP from Havittajat on Hardcore Victim in stock next week.

Update Sept 29

Update to the webstore today with a big stack of new and old titles from Distort Reality Records and the outstanding second 7" from Beyond Peace.


There are still a few Disfear on Red Vinyl for mail order.