Latest Updates

Update Aug 9, 2020

Up for order now is the Humant Blod "Flykten Fran Verkligheten" 7" ep. This is a split release with Desolate Records, but Desolate has already sold most of their copies. EUROPE ORDER FROM PHOBIA Records! Don't make me ship single 7" order to Europe in the age of Virus. 

I am out west on a backpacking trip, but Andy is shipping a few days a week. These start shipping on Tuesday. 

Disfear "Soul Scars" vinyl is still in Europe. Hopefully shipping will clear up and we'll get them in a few month. Exploator LPs shipped in March still have not arrived. 

Update, July 28

Humant Blod 7" will drop August 10th. European distribution will be by Phobia. 

Disfear Soul Scars LP was repressed, but due to Covid there are additional problems shipping from Germany. Hoping to get copies in the next few months. There are plenty of copies, just that the covers are here in the USA and the vinyl in Germany. Last few shipments arrived four months late and soaking wet/moldy, a total loss. So we are hoping things clear up a bit before trying another shipment. 

Update June 15, 2020

Disfear "Soul Scars" Lp re issue is being re pressed after the first pressing was scrapped due to a flaw. The covers are here in Minneapolis, but the vinyl is pressed in Germany. Due to the lack of commercial flights stemming from the virus situation, shipping costs and delays mean that it might be a while before we can get the vinyl for North American distribtion. Please be patient. There will be plenty of copies, it's just going to take time. There will also be a limited die hard edition with a screen printed metal cover.

Update June 7, 2020

Here's what's left from the Set Sale as of Tuesday morning. See below for details.

Aggression - Dont be Mistaken green swirl on cover, ex/vg+ $25

Comes - No Side Hirohito Hardcore boot  nm/ex $20

DOA - Blood-Bloodied but unbowed nm/vg+ $15

Loose Prick NM/vg+ $55

Mob 47 - back to attack nm/nm double LP $35

Mob 47 - demo/live brazillian boot nm/vg+ $15

Naked Raygun - Throb Throb nm/vg+ $25

Update June 7

Pre Discogs Set Sale. 

Prices shown are for payment by venmo, or cash and carry/local pickup. If you are paying with paypal let me know I will add the fees to the shipping total. Everything that doesn’t sell this week goes on discogs at somewhat higher prices. 

Email with what you want and I will reply promptly with availability and shipping total. 

Due to high costs and shipping delays caused by the Rona, this is USA only! USA ONLY! 

Upadate May 30

Lake St. Station, 55408 home of the Havoc Records PO Box since 1988, was burned in Friday's nights Riot. No outgoing mail was in there, but a friend actuall saw Disfear record covers in the rubble. I'm sure incoming mail will be forwarded to a different post office eventually, and outgoing orders will ship from 55406, Oh, but wait, it was burned down on Thursday. Perhaps I'll start using the 55407 Post Office.

Update 5/24

Added about 400 used records to the Havocrex Discogs page over the last few days. Some good stuff, and it's gonig fast.


No time table yet for the Disfear re-re press. The whole first pressing had to be scrapped. Due to virus related disruptions in the economy it might be a while yet.



Update May 11

Thanks to everyone who ordered during the Covid Clearance Chaos Sale, it was a big success. 

The Disfear "Soul Scars" repress had a flaw in the pressing and the whole first press has to be scrapped. It will be a while before this is ready to ship at this point. 

In the coming weeks I will have a lot of rare/used/collectible records for sale, stay tuned for details. 



Update 4/29

Added the new Warwound LP to the webstore today.

Disfear Soul Scars LP is in the works, the vinyl and inserts are one the way from Europe, but I am still waiting on the covers to arrive from Canada. I will be printing a special Die Hard Edition with an aluminum cover as well. Stay tuned for details. Everything has been complicated by disruption of the economy due to the Rona.