Latest Updates

Update Jan 30th

As we enter a new Dark Age in America, the one fire that still burns bright is that of hardcore punk. Small update to the webstore today with Inferno and 16 Blasare Utan Hjarna re issues and a new LP from Concealed Blade on Beach Impedimemnt Records. 



Update, Jan 7

Fresh for 2017 are two new releases from Fashionable Idiots Records, Question "Self Titled" and Uranium Club "All of them Naturals" available for mailorder and wholesale now.

Update November 21

Updated today with re issues by Asocial, Exploited, Riot Squad, Bristles and restocks of Crude SS, 4Skins. Also we got some returns from a distrubtor we hadn't heard from in a while and got some stock copies of Victims Divide and Conquer LP and a few Code 13 7"s and Code 13/DS 13 splits, if anyone is still looking for those.

Update Sept 23

Parcels piling up on the porch and now there's a huge update. Extreme Noise Terror Phonophobia LP, Mob 47 flexi, GBH re issues, Blitz and Conflict Re stocks, Protes Bengt and more Discard 7"s. All Killer, No Filler.

Update Sept 18

Varukers color vinyl sets are sold out. Still plenty of black vinyl. We've just re pressed Discharge "Why" and "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing". Parcels are on the way from Europe with a round of restocks and new releases.

Update August 16

Killer update to the webstore today, some great first wave punk vinyl re issues from PF Commando, PIGZ, the Pack and X (the australian one) and after many years, a vinyl re issue of the killer Totuus Palaa LP from Finlands Mana Mana.


There's are about 10 of the Varukers color vinyl 7" sets left, act soon.

Update July 28th

Just added to the webstore, after three years in the making, vinyl re issue  of all the Varukers 7"s from the 1980s. As well as the Massacred Millions 12" as a 7".  Six titles in all, ever one a classic of UK hardcore punk. The first 100 copies are on color vinyl, and sold only as a set.

Protest and Survive on Red Vinyl

I Don't Wanna Be a Victim on Purple Vinyl

Die For Your Government on Blue Vinyl

Massacred Millions on White Vinyl

No Hope of a Future on Grey Vinyl

Led to the Slaughter on Green Vinyl