Latest Updates

Update Sept 28th

Just got the Euro re presses of Warcry "Maniacs on Pedastals" and "Savage Machinery" in stock. I've brought home a lot of overstock from Extreme Noise lately, I'm not putting this stuff up on the site because most of there is only one or two copies. I put a little of it on discogs, but if you are interested email at and I can send you a list with prices. Nothing rare or collectible, just a lot of imports and single copies from the last few years that haven't sold locally.

Update August 11

A big update to the webstore today, discography double LP by G-anx, re issues from Riistetyt and more, and one of my personal favorites Lewd "Amercian Wino" LP, new stuff by local bands Zero and Fucking. Plus a lot of restocks.

Update July 22

KILLER update today we finally got the Disclose LPs, Discharge live 82, PF Commando 7", Maniacs and McRad double LP discographies.

Pure Disgust from DC came through town last week, and they were great, if you get a chance to see this band, do it. They play a great mix of hardcore and UK82 punk that's raw and catchy.

Update July 13, 2015

Small update to the store today, we got the Wretched LP re issue and some other tight jams. A lot of people have been asking, and Disclose LPs are on the way to us, as are also G-anx double LP discographies. Watch this space. 

Update 6/27/15

Out now Lapinpolthajat III LP. North American distribution by Havoc. Great fast paced Finnish punk.

Also Fashionable Idiots has just released a 12" by Minneapolis band Uranium Club.

We also just got one of two new 7"s by Minneapolis band Zero and we'll have the other Zero 7" in the next few days.

Update 6/23/15

Small, but killer update to the webstore today, Svart Records re issued Riistetyt Valtion Vankina LP and Finnish Spunk Hard Beat comp. Plus re stocks of 013 LP and the Terveet Kadet 12"s. Also the Ultra Violent 7" and a few Oi Polloi Lps. 

Update May 30

New update to the webstore today with the incomparabe Discard 7", Los Crudos Discography and the new LP from Terveet Kadet. Coming soon on Havoc will be the US pressing of the new lP by Finnish punk ragers Lapinpolthajat. Should have these in soon. Also Fashoinable Idiots will have a new 7" soon from Minneapolis band Uranium Club.

Update March 16

Update to the webstore today with Kafka LP, Life 7", Conflict "final conflict" LP re issue, Mau Maus LP re issue, Uniform Choice Demo 7" and restocks of Blitz and Abrasive Wheels. 


We still have plenty of Broken Bones LPs on Red Vinyl for mail order.