Latest Updates

Update July 31st

Disfear "Brutal Sight of War" re issue should be released on or about Aug 15th. Vinyl has shipped from Europe and covers are on track. I will have some of the red vinyl copies as well as black vinyl for mail order and wholesale for all of North and South America. Europe order from

Update, July 19

Added a few new items to the webstore, Absolut/Svaveldioxid split LP, Extended Hell second 7" and more.

Up next from Havoc (USA) and La Familia (Europe) will be a re issue of Disfear's classic A Brutal Sight of War.

Update June 27th

Things are always slow in mail order this time of year, and not so many new releases are coming in. But I have one shocker for you. A vinyl re issue of the Massacre 68 LP.

Disfear "A brutal sight of War" re issue on Havoc/Familia is scheduled for release in August.

As long as it doesn't rain, I will be set up at the Extreme Nois punk flea market on Saturday, June 30th.

Update April 18

Added two new Uproar Re Issues to the webstore today. Things have been slow here, so I spent the last month slowly clearing out the storage room, a few out of print titles are now in the webstore (Dead Stop, Vitamin X) and I've listed a lot of rare color vinyl, limited edition and tour pressings on the Havoc Records Discogs page.

Update March 25

Out now on Havoc Records is a re press of 2004's Wolfbrigade D Beat Odyssey 12". Do you think this is retro? I think not, Swedish hardcore is sound as powerful as ever, none shall defy. There is no limited or color vinyl version (you had your chance in 2004), stores and distros get in touch for wholesale.



Update 2/20/18

Small update to the webstore today, a few cool re issues from FOAD records of Italy and new stuff from Loud Punk Records. Exploator Lps sold out in a flash, another box is on the way from Sweden and should be up on the site any day.


Update 1/28/18

Some great new stuff from D Takt and Rapunk records, Exploator LP, Warchild LP, Price of Silence 12" and restocks of the Absolut LP.

Wolfbrigade "D beat Odyssey" 12" re press is coming soon.


Update November 29

Updated the site with some new UK82 re issues from Vice Squad and Infa Riot, plus some restocks. Check out the Havocrex page on discogs, listing a lot of overstock from Extreme Noise records on there. Some of it is not hc/crust/punk, but there is some good cheap used stuff and much more to come.