Latest Updates

Update May 30

New update to the webstore today with the incomparabe Discard 7", Los Crudos Discography and the new LP from Terveet Kadet. Coming soon on Havoc will be the US pressing of the new lP by Finnish punk ragers Lapinpolthajat. Should have these in soon. Also Fashoinable Idiots will have a new 7" soon from Minneapolis band Uranium Club.

Update March 16

Update to the webstore today with Kafka LP, Life 7", Conflict "final conflict" LP re issue, Mau Maus LP re issue, Uniform Choice Demo 7" and restocks of Blitz and Abrasive Wheels. 


We still have plenty of Broken Bones LPs on Red Vinyl for mail order. 

Update Feb 16

Here at Havoc Records I continue to live the punk rock dream of re issuing all the records that were my favorites as a teenager in the 80's, look at some of my releases for the last few years, Discharge, Varukers, Mob 47 and now I am proud to announce.. Broken Bones.

First 200 copies on Red Vinyl for mail order only.

Stores and distros get in touch for wholesale.



Update Feb 2

Added some great stuff to the site today, final Gas Rag 7" is a rager, also the Kromosom/Nomad split 7", re issues of Final Conflict "Ashes to Ashes" Lp and Dystopia "Human=Garbage" LP and also the Pohjasakka 7" . 

Also we have the new Hardcore Victim release a 7" by Scabeater, we have some for mailorder and will start shipping to stores and distros with the Broken Bones LP. 

The Broken Bones singles LP is finally done, I hope to get them put together and on the site by next weekend, just waiting for the inserts to come from the print shop. 

Update Jan 28th

Havoc Records has moved again, this time from our temporary quarters in my new house to a final location in the newly renovated basement. We are doing inventory next few days and you can expect a site update soon with the Scabeater 7", Pohjasakaa 7" and more. A bunch of re presses and new releases are piling up at the pressing plant and we hope to take delivery soon.

Update Jan 5

Here we are in 2015 with a big update to the Havoc Webstore, some great UK punk re issues from Radiation Records, Chaos UK Singles LP, Newtown Neurotics, Anti Pasti, Barbed Wire, Undead and also the second ep re issue from 82 US hardcore band Lockjaw. And topping it all off a discography LP from the under rated Swedish band Sotlimpa.