Latest Updates

Update Sept 8

Long time since the last update, things have been slow here and I took a vacation to Europe for a while. Just added the newest pressing of the Citizens Arrest discography double LP and the second pressing of the Who Killed Spikey Jacket? 7" to the webstore. Broken Bones singles LP is at the test pressing stage.


Update July 30

Havoc Records will be moving on Friday. We will ship orders on Thursday and start packing up. We wont have phone or internet service or be set up in our new location until Monday or Tuesday of next week. You can still place an order, it just probably will not ship until the middle of next week.

Update July 22

Added the new Maailmanloppu 7" and Skaven Discography LP to the webstore.

Havoc Records will be moving next week and may shut down for several days. I will post here as plans develop.

Update July 6

Added the Zouo "A Roar For Agitating Age" LP on Crust War and the new Summon the Crows LP today. For the next two weeks all US orders over $100 get free shipping, If you order we will send you a refund for the shipping. Applies to mail order and wholesale orders. Stock Up!

Update June 16

From now until July 16th Havoc distro is having a moving sale! All domestic orders $100 or over get free shipping for the next month. If you make an order in the webstore we will refund the shipping after it ships. If you are a store or distro we will invoice you with no shipping. This applies to US orders only and shipping is by media mail.

Update June 3

Added the new Lp by Fuck You Pay Me, featuring Tony Erba on Vocals. Havoc Records just made a move upstairs from the basement so I could sheetrock and carpet the basement as I just sold my house. I bought a new house, and have to be out of here in six weeks or so. We will keep up with orders, but won't be adding a lot of new releases to the webstore or taking on much new stock. Andy just bought  a house too, so both Havoc and Fashionable Idiots are on the move. The more records you buy, the fewer we have to move.

Update May 7th

Update to the webstore today with the new Crisis 2LP retrospective, plus a new 7" from Dissekerad that's totally raging, also in 7"s by Napalm Raid, Kakafoni and Bring the Drones.


Havoc is proud to announce our next release will be a singles Lp by Broken Bones, basically a vinyl version of the "A Single Decade" CD that's been out for a while. More classic UK hardcore punk from Havoc!

Update April 28

Short but awesome update to the webstore today, new MLP from Gas Rag, plus the LP from Damaged Head and LP from Komplott, also all three volumes of the Ripcord discography as well as Rotten UK 7", System Fucker LP and Nuns LP re issues.That Gas Rag 12" is a total rager and is definately going to make my top ten of 2014.


We still have some Vile 7"s on Red Vinyl.


I will be moving in the next few months, so expect a big clearance sale and set sale of rare and limited records coming soon.