Latest Updates

Update Jan 5

Here we are in 2015 with a big update to the Havoc Webstore, some great UK punk re issues from Radiation Records, Chaos UK Singles LP, Newtown Neurotics, Anti Pasti, Barbed Wire, Undead and also the second ep re issue from 82 US hardcore band Lockjaw. And topping it all off a discography LP from the under rated Swedish band Sotlimpa.



Update December 24

Latest round of releases includes Anti Cimex "Criminal Trap" 12" and a restock of the "Victims of a Bomb Raid" 7". The other two Anti Cimex 12"s are already sold out. Also in stock now is the TNT double LP Discogrpahy and Beton Combo re issue from Static Shock/Swisspunk, and the new Warcry Lp. I got some Hurula LPs in from Deranged to replace the ones that arrived damaged. If you are a bargain hunter I have copies with bent covers for half price, drop us a line. Also there's some more oversrtock from Extreme Noise making it's way onto the site.

Update December 12

Big update today with a shipment from Svart Records. There's excellent re issues of the two Terveet Kadet 12"s, 013 LP/7" and Vaurio LP. Also an Olho Seco re issue 7" and another round of overstock titles from Extreme Noise. 

A lot of people have been asking for the Hurula LP, I got some, but they are pretty banged up, trying to see if I can get new covers. 


Update December 6

Small update today with some new stuff from Trabuc Records and some more overstock from Extreme Noise. We should have Anti Cimex LP re issues shortly, also expecting a big shipment from Svart Records any day now with Terveet Kadet, 013, Nato and more. 

Update Nov 22

If you have had trouble paying with a credit card lately, we have some problems with our software. It's all up and running now and we can take credit card payments as usual.

Update Nov 16

I added the new issue of Negative Insight to the webstore. If you love 82 UK punk, this is a must have. Great coverage of the early Bristol scene and a 7" of Chaos UK out takes as well. 



Update Nov 11

Updated the website with Varukers "Bloodsuckers" 12" and some other tasty rippers. A lot of people have been asking about Negative Insight zine, which comes with a bonus 7" of Chaos UK out takes. These will go on the site November 16th. 

Also a big shipment is on the way from Svart Records with Terveet Kadet, Vaurio and lots of other classic Finnish hardcore punk new releases and restocks. 



Update Oct 31st

Halloween 2014 update. Sorry, no horror rock, doom metal or misfits records.. The Skaven discography is back in stock and we have copies for wholesale, a lot of people missed out on this the first time round and were asking for more. Also discographies from Eu's Arse and Underage, classic raw 80's Italian hardcore. And I finally got some Stoic Violence LPs.