Latest Updates

Update Jan 7

The Forward/Teargas split and Havittajat 7"s will be on the site in the next day or two.

We have been getting a great response from the T shirts and records on clearance. If you order a lot of shirts, the webstore will probably overcharge you for shipping, if this is the case we will send you a refund.

Update Jan 2

Havoc Records, Fresh for 2014. Big update to the site today with a killer shipment from Svart Records, including Karanteeni and Widows 7" re issues, Kohu 63 MLP re issue, and new splits from Kylma Sota and Rajoitus and Ydintuho. Also the new 7"s from Clusterbombunit and Mercy Killings. Added quite a few restocks as well. 

Check out the new Clearance section on the site, t shirts and back stock reduced for quick sale. I'm clearing out shirts in a big way, supplies are limited on many sizes.

Update, December 3

Finally! Sacrilege demos double LP is in stock and ready for orders. There are 200 on green vinyl (see photo below) this is a double LP in a Crass Records style fold out poster sleeve. Contains all four demos (1984, 1985 and two from 86) plus a bonus live track. Mail order will get green vinyl while it lasts.

Check out the new and updated section for a lot of killer new releases.

Update November 30th

Out now is the new Lp from Riistetyt "Korppien Paraati" we'll have these for wholesale as well as mail order.  Also added to the webstore, the debut LP by Tjanstevapen, Entombed and Carcess re issues, a new 7" from Crude, the Hardcore 13 comp LP and Paa Kii/Lapinpolthajat split 7".

Update November 24th

The Last Chaos/Vaarallinen split is sold out from us. You can still get copies from Nuclear Blood Records in Australia. A re press is on the way.

Coming soon (at last) on Havoc is the Sacrilege Demos double LP.

Coming next week on Terroten with distribution by Havoc will be the new Riistetyt LP.

Coming very soon will be three new releases on Hardcore Victim-Forward/Teargas split 7, Uknown to God 7" and Havittajat 7"


Update November 12

Update to the webstore with Business, Cockney Rejects, Puke, Appendix, Kohu 63, and my personal favorites the UK Subs. Also Havoc is going to be helping out Swedish label Halvfabrikat with US distribution and I've started to add their releases to the webstore as well.

The Last Chaos/Vaarallinen 7" is down to about 10 copies, although 250 copies shipped to Australia so if you are from the Far East you might want to order from Nuclear Blood or Hardcore Victim in Australia.

Next up from Hardcore Victim will be a Teargas/Forward split 7".

Update October 27

Out now on Hardcore Victim/Havoc/Nuclear Blood the new Last Chaos/Vaarilinen split 7".  Last Chaos from Bisbane pump out 2 tracks of stomping raw punk!! Singapore's Vaaralinen blazes through their side with their brand of reverb drenched Finnish HC! This is limited to 500 copies, and more than half already shipped to Australia and Singapore. There are 100 on blue vinyl, I have just 25 of those for mail order. Stores and distros get in touch!

Update October 19

Added quite a few more records to the webstore this week, and a trip to the post office today brings an enormous pile of boxes to sort through and put on the site this week, so check back later this week.

I was asked to contribute my thoughts to a webzine article on the "top 20 nordic hardcore records" a very interesting read with comments from a varied cast of characters and some audio to listen to as well. Check it out at