Latest Updates

Update July 12th

Update to the site today, Framtid Demos, Final Conflict demos, Septic Tank 7", Helvetin Viemarit 7", Big Boys Fun, Fun, Fun lp re issue, new Lautsturmer LP, and Sacrilege (NYC) demos.  The institution LP covers and inserts have been here for over a month, but getting vinyl pressed these days is an excruciating process, so I am still waiting on vinyl. Things are coming together nicely for the Sacrilege (UK) demos LP.


Update June 28th

Killer update today, simply outstanding records keep being pressed and re issued. I am constantly amazed at how many great records are now available on vinyl that were out of print for so long. If these had been around in the 90's and early 00's when people were still buying records it would have been amazing. Re issues of the Anti-Cimex 7"s, how can you go wrong, these are essential releases for the hardcore genre. Bastard Lp re press another essential ripper. But my pick for this update is the 7" of the Paranoid "hardcore addict" demo, outstanding Swedish hardcore, check it out.

Update June 5th

Most Crucial update today with the new Infernoh and Kromosom. Blitz and Partisans 7" re issues and much more. Felix will be on vacation until June 25th, so if you are writing about record deals, and the like, no reply until then. Andy will be filling orders as usual and there should be no delays in shipping mail order or wholesale.

Update May 12

Coming soon on Havoc will be a US pressing of the Institution LP Domen Ar Satt. Very excited about this as it's one of my favorite records of the last year or two. I am also working on another really cool project I hope to announce soon.


Update May 7

Just added the new Warcupid 7", we have limited to 50 white vinyl copies for mail order. These are available for wholesale as well. Great raw hardcore from Brazil.


Two big projects are in the works and we will announce them shortly.

Update April 23

Big update to the webstore today, some great imports like Blitz Singles LP, Grito Suburbano comp and more. Good new stuff from Asile, Kremlin and Occult SS. A lot of restocks came in as well, and I will finish adding them to the site over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who came to Extreme Noise for Record Store Day. I think RSD is a little corny, but we had our best day ever and seems like everyone had fun with the bands, food and records.

Update April 13

Updated the site today with the Paa Kii Lp, some great stuff from D Takt & Rapunk label of Sweden, the Widows LP re issue on Svart and a handful of Brazillian stock copy vinyl with photocopied sleeves.