Latest Updates

Update October 27

Out now on Hardcore Victim/Havoc/Nuclear Blood the new Last Chaos/Vaarilinen split 7".  Last Chaos from Bisbane pump out 2 tracks of stomping raw punk!! Singapore's Vaaralinen blazes through their side with their brand of reverb drenched Finnish HC! This is limited to 500 copies, and more than half already shipped to Australia and Singapore. There are 100 on blue vinyl, I have just 25 of those for mail order. Stores and distros get in touch!

Update October 19

Added quite a few more records to the webstore this week, and a trip to the post office today brings an enormous pile of boxes to sort through and put on the site this week, so check back later this week.

I was asked to contribute my thoughts to a webzine article on the "top 20 nordic hardcore records" a very interesting read with comments from a varied cast of characters and some audio to listen to as well. Check it out at

Update October 14

Big Update to the Webstore today, Conflict "it's time to see who's who" LP, Impact LP, Kuro discography, Nubs 7", Chaotic Dischord LP and a bunch of restocks. I will be adding more titles to the store in the next few days. Piles and piles of records here to sort through.

Update September 15

Huge update to the webstore today, lots of new stuff has been piling up. There's a new 7" by local band Varix on Fashionable Idiots and we have this for wholesale as well. Also a new pressing of one of my favorites from the 80s' Proletariat "soma holiday" Lp.

Update August 27

Small update today after a trip to the post office. Just in Svart Stadhjalp demo 7", Gas Rag "Human Rights" 7" re press and two new eps from Fight Records Hetkellinin Milenhairio and Silmannakija. The Gas Rag 7" is one of the best records I have heard in a long time and Svart Staddhajp are always great.

Update August 25th

Update to the webstore today, Disorder "Violent World" Lp, Kontrasekt LP, Hitler SS/Tapax and Wretched/Indigesti restocks, Hellkrusher singles LP, Ratface second 7", Third World Chaos LP and lots of restocks from La Vida Es En Mus

Update August 18

Update to the webite today with the new 7" by Poikkeus on Crust War, Terveet Kadet tour  7", People LP, and some restocks.

Sacrilege Demos double LP and Last Chaos/Vaarilinen split are at the test pressing stage.


Update July 30

Institution LP is finally here and ready for mail order. There's no color vinyl of this one, but the covers differ from the Swedish pressing in that they are flat (reverse board printed) instead of glossy. Note that Bloody Hammer and Kromosom were both just re pressed on different colors vinyl as well. Stores and distributors-I will start shipping wholesale after I put the rest of these together this weekend.