Latest Updates

Update May 7th

Update to the webstore today with the new Crisis 2LP retrospective, plus a new 7" from Dissekerad that's totally raging, also in 7"s by Napalm Raid, Kakafoni and Bring the Drones.


Havoc is proud to announce our next release will be a singles Lp by Broken Bones, basically a vinyl version of the "A Single Decade" CD that's been out for a while. More classic UK hardcore punk from Havoc!

Update April 28

Short but awesome update to the webstore today, new MLP from Gas Rag, plus the LP from Damaged Head and LP from Komplott, also all three volumes of the Ripcord discography as well as Rotten UK 7", System Fucker LP and Nuns LP re issues.That Gas Rag 12" is a total rager and is definately going to make my top ten of 2014.


We still have some Vile 7"s on Red Vinyl.


I will be moving in the next few months, so expect a big clearance sale and set sale of rare and limited records coming soon.

Update April 13

Out now, The Vile "Fear of the Truth" 7". The second 7" from this UK hardcore punk group featuring members of Varukers, Discahrge and Broken Bones. There are 100 on Red Vinyl, with 50 for the Havoc Webstore and 50 headed to the UK for the band to sell at their gigs.

Update Feb 23

Updated the webstore today with the Disorder "singles collection" which is some of my very favorite material of the ealry 80's UK punk explosion. Also Cockney Rejects demos LP and restocks of Chaos UK "short, sharp, shock" and Major Accident "Massacred Melodies". I will do another short update later this week with some more new releases.

Update Feb 10

New on Hardcore Victim with Distribution by Havoc is the "Unnamed Terrorist Group" 7" by Unknown to god. This Australian band plays fierce hardcore in the Japanese style, some of you might remember them from their split with Death Cage.

There is clear vinyl for mail order while it lasts. Like most of the Hardcore Victim releases, the majority of the copies are going to Japan and Australia, but we do have copies for wholesale for American and European distros.

Update Jan 26

Added a few items today, Warhead discography LP and Contrast Attitude 7".


Coming in a week or so will be Last Chaos/Vaaralinen 7" re press and a new 7" on Hardcore Victim by Unknown to God from Australia.