Latest Updates

Update April 23

Big update to the webstore today, some great imports like Blitz Singles LP, Grito Suburbano comp and more. Good new stuff from Asile, Kremlin and Occult SS. A lot of restocks came in as well, and I will finish adding them to the site over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone who came to Extreme Noise for Record Store Day. I think RSD is a little corny, but we had our best day ever and seems like everyone had fun with the bands, food and records.

Update April 13

Updated the site today with the Paa Kii Lp, some great stuff from D Takt & Rapunk label of Sweden, the Widows LP re issue on Svart and a handful of Brazillian stock copy vinyl with photocopied sleeves.




Update April 8

Update to the webstore today with the Real Enemy LP, Anger Burning LP, Discover 7", Sudor 7"  and the Napalm LP re issue. I've finally added the pressing info and graphics for all the out of print Havoc Label releases.

Update April 5

Out now on Terroten with US distribution by Havoc is the Ulster 95/96 7". We have these for mailorder and wholesale. Great raw and gritty Brazillian hardcore punk in the early 80's tradition. Coming soon from Terroten will be the Warcupid 7" and Havoc will be doing distro for that one as well.

Update March 17

Local band Brain Tumors are on tour. I gave them a box of records to sell on the road. I'm guessing they have the new Fashionable Idiots titles to sell as well.

3/15 Appleton, WI w/ Ratsak, Bag of Gremlins

3/16 Milwaukee, WI at Quarters w/ Total Trash, Soup Moat, Strange Matter

3/17 Chicago, IL at Albion House w/ Kontaminat, Bedsores, Laughboy

3/18 Detroit, MI at New Dodge Lounge w/Hoodrat, Raw Dogs, Karmic Lava

3/19 Cincinnati, OH at The Chameleon w/White Walls

3/20 Lexington, KY at Al’s Sidecar w/ Mayonnaise and Blood Pheasant

Update March 3

Updated the webstore today. Highlight is of course the new 7" from Sweden's Institution. This one will go fast, expensive, but worth it. Also some restocks and new stuff from Antisociety records and some cheap CDs. Plus the double LP re issue of Doom "world of shit" Lp.

The Vile "Provocation" 12" will finally arrive this week. 

I will be at Chaos in Tejas this year, but not doing distro at any of the gigs. I might set up a small table at the record swap on saturday. I will post more details as I sort it out.


Update Feb 6

The latest round of Svart re issues is here, Sensuuri (  a personal favorite of mine) Vandaalit, Kohu 63, Ypo Viis and Loose Prick LP. Plus I sourced some unplayed stock copies of Crust Records titles from the 90's by Vorhees, Scum Noise and Stack.