Latest Updates

Update Jan 27, 2013

Postage rates have gone up. The US rates increased only incrementally, but the overseas rates have gone way up. Our webstore has automatically updated with the new prices. As far as I can tell from looking at the new rates, the increases are steepest for the smallest parcels. That is to say the cost of shipping one 7" to Europe has just about doubled, wheras shipping 10 Lps to Europe has only gone up about 10 or 20%. Either way the new rates are brutal and are the last thing this struggling business needed right now.

Update Jan 2, 2013

Here's the first update of the new year. I've just added some great new releases, the Desperat/Deathraid split LP, Rattus "Ratcage" Lp re issue and Disorder "Under the Scalpel Blade" Lp re issue. A lot of people are asking about the Institution LP, we sold out in a matter of hours, but more copies are on the way. If you haven't heard about this LP, it's a new Swedish band with members of Meanwhile, Totalitar and Heratys and it's most excellent.

Update December 16th

Here's the first update to the new webstore, check the new and updated items section. Mostly imports from the Nordic lands this time around.  Kromosom has announced US tour dates and will be playing Chaos In Tejas. We are still experiencing some bugs with our new webstore and some customers are not getting confirmation orders when they create accounts or place orders. We are getting the orders, just that it seems our outgoing confirmation emails aren't getting through, we are working on this and hope to solve it soon.


Welcome to the new Havoc Records website and webstore. This has been a long time in the making and we hope you will find it more up to date than our old website. There are a few big changes from our old webstore. The first is shipping. The prices shown do not include shipping, a shipping calculator program will add shipping at checkout. This will be a vast improvement over our old site, especially for overseas orders and people making larger orders. The new site is more searchable and better organized.